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Ultratone EQ, tone sculptor and booster.

Ultratone E.Q. is the result of my collaboration with Piero Quintana, the man behind the excellent Quintana Dead Blues eXperience(

Part of our goal was to boost its characteristic fuzz without altering its personality.

The validated solution: an active equalizer to sculpt the frequency response of the incoming signal.

In addition to being able to give more punch to the bass and/or treble, Ultratone E.Q. allows for targeted emphasis of a frequency band, with the effect at the edges of the band being controllable for a smoother or more abrupt rendition.

In more technical terms, we have a high pass filter, a low pass filter and a configurable band pass filter. These filters are active, they do not rely on frequency attenuation (passive) but on their amplification.

Internally the amplifier operates at 18 volts, which provides a large headroom to avoid distortion.

This pedal is ideal for boosting breaks and solos while remaining transparent. It is also a perfect effect to add to a vintage fuzz that is full of gain but lacks volume (I personally use it happily after a Univox Superfuzz).