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A fuzz + octaveUp + boost completely dedicated to bass!

It's hard for bassists to find a vintage fuzz that fully meets their expectations, the first of which is undoubtedly a good response in the lowest frequencies with a fuzz that doesn't turn their playing into muddled mush.

BassTone is this vintage bass fuzz with a sound straight out of the 70s!

What could be better than an octaveUp to stand out from the mix and give a decidedly catchy, raspy touch? Put it before or after the fuzz? well, what could be better than having the choice! Thanks to a system of switches coupled with a mixer, you can obtain the following combinations:

  • OctaveUp in series with fuzz mixed with clean
  • Fuzz in series with octaveUp mixed with clean
  • Fuzz mixed with octaveUp

With the last option, simply turn the mix potentiometer all the way to the left or right to obtain either fuzz alone or octaveUp alone. That's a lot of possible configurations!

Added to this are not one, but two boosts! The first will take you out of the mix by boosting the midrange, the second will make the thunder roll and the lightning rumble with huge bass.


  • Dedicated bass fuzz, with classic "Fuzz", "Tone" and "Volume" settings
  • Octave up without adjustment can be disabled by switch
  • Two very different switch-selectable boosts
  • Series/parallel fuzz and octave up options via switches
  • Two independent true-bypass footswitches, one for fuzz, the other for boost
  • Operates on 9v dc (minus in the center)
  • Power supply not included